Saturday, March 26, 2011

Style Profile...Jenny Bergqvist, London

Jenny works as a photographer for Styleclicker. I got to know her last year in August. While I was in London I thought it would be a great chance to do another Style Profile.

Describe your personal style…

I like contrasts...mixing masculine with feminine clothes, patterns and colors that don't really go together, styles from different eras like a 1920s dress with 90s grungy boots. I like it when I look androgynous, quirky and a bit unfinished.

Source of inspiration?

The streets of London are definitively all the inspiration a girl would ever need. But besides from that I watch films a LOT and can get deeply inspired by a character, a place or an era portrayed in a film. I'm a more emotional than visual person, so I just love when style and personality can mesh.

Style icons?

So... since films are a huge source of inspiration for me, character from films naturally become icons for me. So Kristin Scott Thomas in “Gosford Park”, Claire Danes in the TV-series “My So-called Life”, Eva Green in “Cracks” and Jean Seberg in “Breathless” are a few examples.

Any fashion rules?

To me, fashion is meant to be fun. I don't take it too seriously, and just hate those "how and when to wear what" kind of rules. Who cares?
I only have one personal rule, and that's to stay away from animal products since I’m a vegan. So no silk, wool, leather or fur in my wardrobe.

Most underrated item in womenswear?

Menswear. That's not just one item though...

Favorite photographers?

Of course my Styleclicker colleague Gunnar Hämmerle.

Favorite stores in London?

I buy mostly vintage clothes so I go to the markets or the small vintage shops in Soho for original and cheap finds.

Favorite place in London?

There's too many...

Favorite café in your neighbourhood?

Notes, Music & Coffee (31 St Martin's Lane, City of London WC2N 4)

Thoughts about style and fashion in London… 

I've never been anywhere where people are so free and open-minded as in London. There really is a fuck it, anything goes attitude here that is SO liberating. I'm never moving!

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