Friday, June 17, 2011

Style Profile...Laia, Barcelona

I met the awesome Laia of Let me feel like a doll last weekend during lunch, but Spain was not as it is supposed to be. There was heavy rain coming down the whole time. Therefore it was not that easy to shoot outside. Nevertheless I had to ask some questions about her style and Barcelona of course. I guess Laia mentioned some stunning places you should definitely check out when you are there. Cause I did and I will execute the rest of the list next time.

Describe your personal style.

It is based on the fashion of the 50s and 60s plus a bit of Pin-up, Parisian French and floral romantic styles.

How did you first get interested in fashion and why is it important?

I've always been involved with fashion because my mother had a clothing store. For that reason my whole family is interested. Therefore I have seen magazines in my everyday life since I was a little girl. Nevertheless it took until I was 13. At this age I decided to become a fashion designer and started caring about what to wear.

Source of inspiration?

I get a lot of inspiration from other blogs and TV series. Furthermore, there are some films that inspire me. But I get the most inspiration from the occasions I plan the outfits for haha.

Style icons?

Katy Perry, Brigitte Bardot and Audrey Kitching are the main ones.

Any fashion rules?

Actually not, just be feminine. Furthermore, I just don't feel like I am being myself wearing some kind of things but this is not like a rule.

What’s the favorite piece in your closet and which piece would you really like to own?

My favorite piece right now are my new denim scallop shorts from Topshop and I would love to have the multi glitter Lita boots by Jeffrey Campbell, but I am just not sure if I would wear them enough that they are worth the money.

Favorite stores in Barcelona?

The little vintage ones in Riera Baixa and Tallers, Le Monde du Sophie in Sarrià, Bibian Blue for corsets and Boudoir for luxury lingerie, even though I cannot afford the last two.

Best Shopping Area?

The city centre, the Raval, the Barri Gòtic and the Born.

Favorite place in Barcelona?

I am in love with the little streets of the Gothic Area, the Plaça Sant Felip Neri. The Roman columns at the Centre Excursionista de Catalunya are probably my favorites and also the Plaça del Rei when it's absolutely empty early in the morning.

Favorite place to have a night out?

Dixi to start the night and then Razzmatazz or Señor Lobo.

Favorite café in your neighbourhood?

Oh I am not really into my neighbourhood, but one of my favorite places in Barcelona is Demasié in Urquinaona.

Best place to eat?

If you like Japanese, Udon is my favorite place recently, they have a delicious 9,95€ menu every midday.

Which tips would you give someone who wants to visit Barcelona?

Be careful with your belongings! I have grown up here so I am used to pickpocketing, but lots of tourists come from absolutely safe places and they are too trustful.

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Andrés Corella said...

I totally get the 50´s and 60´s vibe in her style which is awesome! Great interview and if I ever go to barcelona I would sure take the last advice in consideration hehe

The Black Label

yoli said...

I usually read her blog, and I think she's lovely and really beautiful!
I love her style!