Sunday, July 10, 2011

Introduced...Dasha, London

Last week while I was in London I ran into Dasha. She was there for an exhibition containing paintings of her. I felt in love with her work. For that reason I decided to get more insights in her thoughts. You can find more about Dasha here and here. Enjoy.

When did you discovered your talent?

I wouldn´t say that I had discovered the talent, but I was into art since I was three years old. I drew obsessively filling the margins of exercise books and every scrap paper with faces, eyes, spirals.

Describe the way you paint.

I enjoy the moment when I am standing in front of the blank canvas. I use to paint the things I want to say and I really don´t care if people are at loss at what to say about my work. I don´t need to be liked and I also learned that you cannot just be productive every day. But always keep your eyes open.

What is art for you?

Art has always been a perfect way for me to express myself. My „quiet“ myself just enjoys spending the days alone, looking inward and paint, the „wilder“ myself can be found dancing around Latin clubs and enjoying the vibrant and warm atmosphere.

There are also times when I even think that everything I learned about art has flown out of the window. But I’m a learner — always have been, always will be.

Describe the creative process of the painting above.

„Life is a journey“

This oil painting depicts one of the little French girls I was looking after for three years in France, Jeanne. The artwork is based on our trip around Charente-Maritime, the most beautiful French region, the Atlantic coast. I will never forget the great time I had there. And „Life is a journey“ is actually my motto and even though I am still far from the people I really love, I know that it´s just not possible to gather all the people we like and just stay together. C´est la vie.

Source of inspiration?

The stupidest and the riskiest things I have ever done affect my work a lot. Icelandic and Colombian music are my biggest impulses while painting though. I get inspiration from all over the place, it´s important to be aware of events around you as well as to learn from another world, from all the people you meet, the situations you live.

You lived in Paris and London. Which is your favorite city and why.

Well, it´s definitely London. There is a great atmosphere at Brick Lane, in Camden town, anywhere. It´s beautiful in the vertical white lines of the houses by Hyde Park. Although I'm excited by the city with all its inventions and amusements. There is something for everyone and no doubt, enough to last many lifetimes. Have managed to travel a bit and like to think I've gained enough compassion and imagination to see both sides of a story.

What are your plans for the future?

I prefer to try to keep modestly quiet about what I am up to but I am so excited about going to experience life in the suburbs of New York in September this year. I would go anywhere if I could. Travelling and meeting the people from all over the world is the best source of inspiration you can ever get.

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