Sunday, September 4, 2011

Last Days of Summer...

Life is always exciting when you have these crazy spontaneous friends. Actually I wanted to stay in Berlin for the weekend, but Saturday morning we decided to pack bags and take the motorbike to the Mecklenburg Lake District. I took this photo of a friend of mine during a boat tour. Hope you enjoyed the last days of summer!
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anotherwomanbyrose said... him...!!



Andrés Corella said...

Perfect picture, perfect feeling, perfect all! Awesome job!

The Black Label

Josephine said...

What a great picture! And the guy isn't bad either... ;)

Jazmin said...

Great feeling and a moment =)

Anonymous said...

hach last days of summer! endlich warm und viel sonne in wien :-)

marie paola said...

hehehe i know him! :D nice shot