Friday, July 29, 2011

Introduced...Katarina Kühl, Hamburg

It was a rainy Sunday afternoon and I was skipping through some blogs. Suddenly I found PencilFashion and felt in love with Katarina's drawings. Luckily, she used the photos of Daphne and Miggy as an inspiration for her work. To my mind the results are just great. For that reason I wanted to know more about her.
When did you discover your talent?

I wouldn't say that I discovered it, because I have been drawing since I was a little girl. Once I hold a pen I'm not able to put it down.

What's the idea behind PencilFashion?

The idea behind my blog is to combine two things I really love: art and fashion. I want to express certain things through my art. These can be very different things: eye expressions, a beautiful brooch or another detail. (I'm very fond of details).

What do you want to express?

Art and fashion merge seamlessly and through a drawing or a painting I want to show the world my perspective of fashion and art.

Which criteria do you have for choosing your motifs?

The motif must attract my attention in some kind of way. Somehow it must be interesting, as I said before, it's either the eyes, the attitude of the model or a detail on the clothes etc..

Describe the way you draw.

I really like to draw with pencils, but in the last few months I have tried drawing with oil pastels and crayons, it's so much fun! Furthermore, I usually pay special attention to the face and the eyes.

Describe the creative process of the drawing above.

I saw the photo on Les Mads, and I just had to draw it. But I wanted to make it different from my other drawings, so I decided to play with contrasts. I used very delicate lines for the upper part of her body and very chunky lines for the red skirt, which accentuates the fabric of it.

What is art for you?

Art is a way to express myself. I love to take the art of a photograph to another level, where it gives a different expression to the viewer. I want people to look at the drawn faces and imagine a story of their situations.

What gives you inspiration?

Everything! I have tons of fashion magazines, dozens of art books and coffee table books:

Gustav Klimt - Drawings & Watercolors

DC Comics (this is a huge and fantastic book, I can tell you)

and of course "Fruits", a streetstyle book from Japan. I bought it from my pocket money when I was very young and I was so proud when I finally got it.

Furthermore, I get inspired by artists, musicians, actors, movies, songs, people surrounding me, quotes,... to sum up: everything and everybody.

What are your aims in the future?

Artistically: I want to touch people feelings, I want them to look at my drawings and discover a new detail or a new side, everytime they look at them.

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Josephine said...

Wow, she definitely got some talent! Her drawings are wonderful!

Framboise 44 said...

the last one look me at 17 years old .. like Twiggy if you remember her, I loved her so ... extraordinary .. sorry for my english